NBAA Tax, Regulatory and Risk Management Conference starts the Sunday BEFORE NBAA Convention

By: Stewart Lapayowker

August 3, 2013

If you will be attending the NBAA’s annual convention this year in Las Vegas, be sure to attend the Annual NBAA Tax, Regulatory and Risk Management Conference.  The conference is an in depth review of the major issues facing aircraft owners and operators. Why can’t Part 91 operators operate in a single purpose entity?  How can the IRS take the position that even Part 91 management agreements are subject to FET?  What’s the difference between personal business use and personal entertainment use of business aircraft and why does it matter?  How are companies addressing EU VAT issues in light of the elimination of the UK zero rated import?  These issues and many others of interest and concern are addressed at the conference.  I’ll be moderating the international panel and addressing EU-ETS, alternative solutions to the VAT issue, and others.

Click here for the brochure, and remember, if you are making your reservations, be sure to block out the 2 days before the convention (October 20 and 21) for the NBAA Tax Conference.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Regards. SHL.