Attendance at NBAA Annual Convention a Success for the Firm

By: Stewart Lapayowker

Business Aviation

Last week, lawyers and others from the firm attended the NBAA Annual Convention in Orlando.  Mr. Lapayowker spoke at the Annual Tax, Regulatory and Risk Management Conference held at the Hilton/Convention Center where he, together with Mike Nichols of NBAA and William Clark, a Canadian aviation lawyer, lectured in front of an audience of approximately 150 flight department personnel, lawyers, accountants and other aviation professionals on issues in international business aircraft transactions.  The topics included ICAO, Cabotage, VAT, European Union customs and cabotage issues, the use and meaning of Export Certificates of Airworthiness, and managing the process of importing and exporting aircraft.  The firm also sponsored the National Aircraft Finance Association’s cocktail party.

Mr. Lapayowker was appointed Recording Secretary of the NBAA’s Tax Committee and Chair of its Planning Group, and stepped down from his position as Chair of the Committee’s Aircraft Transactions Working Group on which he served for 2 years.

We always look forward to the Convention and the Conference.  It gives us the opportunity to meet our friends and colleagues in the industry and those with whom we have worked on transactions over the last year.  Even while spending time at the Convention, through remote technology, we were able to negotiate and document the purchase of a Gulfstream IV-SP for one of our clients.  Commerce moves forward even when the industry in Orlando!

The annual silent auction benefited the Corporate Angel Network, a non-profit organization whose objective is to match cancer patients with business aircraft operators so that empty seats may be used to transport patients and their families to facilities for life-saving treatment.  If you haven’t seen their promotional video, you can do so by going to  It is now our firm’s policy to provide every business aircraft owner that we represent with information about CAN and we will be actively contacting existing clients to make them aware of this touching and humanitarian use of empty seats on their aircraft.

If we didn’t have the chance to say hello, please feel free to contact us! We welcome your call.

Stewart H. Lapayowker