Transaction Highlights

Represented the purchaser of a Gulfstream GV in connection with its purchase and import from the United Arab Emirates, and related financing.

Public Companies

Public Companies have unique concerns when purchasing corporate aircraft and structuring their operations, including from the perspective of SEC disclosure, security and confidentiality. In light of the negative media coverage of public companies that operate corporate aircraft, scrutiny of such business tools have increased. Public companies contend with how to disclose the perquisite value of personal use of corporate aircraft under the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and methods that can be implemented to allow reimbursement for personal use (such as time sharing agreements).

The Firm is experienced with working with legal departments and tax departments of large public companies to implement appropriate operating structures and planning objectives.



Whether it’s getting to a distant office on the other side of the country to handle a production problem, sending sales teams for training on a new avionics model, or getting a critically ill person to the nearest high tech medical facility, business aviation is crucial to America’s well-being.

- Stewart Lapayowker