The Offer to Purchase provides a roadmap to the key elements of the purchase agreement.

Transaction Highlights

Represented aircraft owner in connection with the simultaneous fleet transition involving the acquisition and trade in of 12 business aircraft.

Represented an aircraft owner in connection with arrangements for having its aircraft appear in the MGM major motion picture James Bond 007 Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.

Letters of Intent/Offers to Purchase an Aircraft

A Letter of Intent (also referred to as an Offer to Purchase) provides a roadmap to key elements of the purchase agreement.

Letters of Intent typically address the following terms and conditions:

  • Aircraft description
  • The purchase price of the aircraft
  • Visual inspection process and location
  • The scope of the pre-purchase inspection and identification of the inspection facility
  • The deposit and identification of the escrow agent
  • Delivery conditions
  • Timing of execution of the purchase agreement

Failing to include important terms could result in misunderstandings when the purchase agreement is drafted.



Whether it’s getting to a distant office on the other side of the country to handle a production problem, sending sales teams for training on a new avionics model, or getting a critically ill person to the nearest high tech medical facility, business aviation is crucial to America’s well-being.

- Stewart Lapayowker