Florida Legislature fails to pass two business aviation bills

By Lapayowker Jet Counsel | May 19, 2009

The Florida legislative session concluded and, once again, legislators failed to pass at least 2 statutory revisions that would have increased business brought into Florida by business aviation. The first proposal was a proposal to cap sales tax on aircraft purchased in Florida to $25,000, paving the way for more...

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What about battleship grey?

By Lapayowker Jet Counsel | February 23, 2009

Would it help public opinion about business aviation if business aircraft were outfitted differently? If John Q Public took a peak aboard, he’d say “ugh, you guys fly in this thing?” Perhaps one of the completion centers or manufacturers ought to develop the “regular guy” interior, like in the Rodney...

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Sale of Corporate Aircraft Not a Good Use of Automaker Shareholder Money

By Lapayowker Jet Counsel | November 28, 2008

With Senators blasting the automakers about using corporate aircraft to transport their executives to Senate hearings, it will be interesting to see whether the automakers include the liquidation of their fleets in the economic plans due to Congress on December 4, 2008. The ironic thing about it is that if...

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