Small Aircraft Exemption

By: Stewart Lapayowker

October 5, 2020

Many of you operate aircraft 12,500 pounds MTOW or under (piston aircraft, small aircraft and helicopters).  If you utilize any of the provisions of FAR 91.501 (e.g. time sharing agreements, inter company chargebacks under b(5), etc.), as a member of NBAA you are entitled to use FAR 91.501  under the FAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption even though you would otherwise not qualify due to the size of your aircraft.  The FAA has imposed an additional requirement as a condition to using the NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption. It is now required that you confirm your “joinder” to the exemption by sending a message to FAA confirming your NBAA membership number and agreeing to comply with the requirements of the exemption.  The process is simple and the NBAA has a portal on its web site to digitally submit the joinder. As a reminder, if applicable, the operator should be a member of NBAA (not necessarily the owner) in order to qualify. If you are not currently an NBAA member, membership can easily be arranged on the NBAA site.  If you are utilizing (or expect to utilize) 91.501 in connection with the operation of a small aircraft, we recommend submitting the joinder as soon as practicable.  Regards. SHL.  

Link to the NBAA submission tool