By: Stewart Lapayowker

We are excited to be appearing in the November issue of  Plane & Pilot magazine in its section entitled 2012 Top Aviation Attorneys!  

Flying to or Within the EU? There Still May be Ways to Address VAT.

U.S. registered aircraft operating within the UK or the EU are subject to being assessed a value added tax of up to 26% of the value of the aircraft.  This is generally due to the fact that the UK/EU view typical Part 91 operations as “commercial” under their rules.  While, in the good ‘ole days, large jets could be imported…


Selling Your U.S. Registered Business Jet? Don’t Forget to EXPORT FROM THE UK!

For many years, large U.S. registered aircraft were routinely imported into the UK at a zero rate of VAT  for free circulation in the EU.  It was a relatively simple process and the cost was minimal compared with the exposure to VAT one had for operating within the EU (around 26%).  However, about 2 years ago, under pressure from the…


The 2-Minute Warning and Business Aviation

A friend of mine asked me if I watch professional basketball on TV. My knee-jerk reaction was to joke that I only watch the last 2 or 3 minutes because that’s when the game is exciting and is won.  Then it occurred to me that some think that the closing call of a business aviation transaction is where “it all…


Your Plane Will Punish You…

An article written by Mr. Lapayowker appearing in the JSSI Airways newsletter is available here Airways Article. The article addresses the benefits of a consistent maintenance program and the impact that it has on the aircraft during the re-sale process. It also contains other helpful hints.